After completing work at the Hawaii and Chicago Victoria's Secret flagships, we began work at the new sprawling Soho location here in New York. We made giant lampshades, chandeliers, furniture, hand painted tablecloths and hat boxes, and filled the store with extensive trompe l'oeil line paintings.

Erin and Brian busy with last minute ribbon adjustments to 1 of 3 giant lampshades

The before and after of a hand painted "Bra Salon" sign

A look at the two completed Bra Salon 'zones'.

Multiple stacked drawers were detailed by hand in 2 colors to coordinate with the 'French' theme.

The theme continues in the lingerie areas with two tone drawer trompe l'oeil on pink plaster.

The 'Panty Boutique' sign was also painted by hand in pink lacquer on black cherry stained oak.

At the front of store, under a giant eliptical lampshade that we made, a gorgeous tablecloth that we produced features hand painted pink trompe l'oeil designs of french tables on shimmering black cherry cloth.

And sitting on top of the tablecloths amongst the busts and thong vitrines are a large series of our hand-made hat-boxes, featuring a variety of materials including leather, silks, hand painted papers and fabrics.

We also created a series of hand painted mirrors, seen here in production at the studio.

finished and ready to reflect eager shoppers amongst a plethora of panties.

A closeup of some decorative painting above a large mirror.

A ribbon wrapped coat rack

The Fitting Room area was lavishly decorated with trompe l'oeil painting. Using a combination of oil and water based pigments, Geoff and crew filled the space with hand-painted visions of french-inspired details.

An interior view of a fitting room wall showing the trompe l'oeil paneling.

At last, after weeks of interior decorating and installation it was time to add a finishing flourish with the hand-painted exterior street address, 591 Broadway.

The three dimensional lettering in the front window was custom made and lacquered to their specifications.

Finally the flagship is complete and ready for launch!

Four VS angels bestow their blessing in celebration of the new store!

PHOTO SOURCES: Geoff Howell Studio, NBC New York, Racked, Herald Dispatch, Hollywood Rag, Celebs Now
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