The American Art Award Event at the Whitney Museum of American Art was sponsored in 2009 by Bloomberg L.P. One of the design prerequisites for this event is a patriotic color scheme of red, white and blue. In order to maintain freshness for this traditional color scheme, the entrance lobby was designed to showcase only blue. Enameled steel panels with magnetic LED stars greeted guests with brilliant blue hues.

After leaving the lobby, guests were escorted up the elevator and as the doors opened onto a wide gallery above, they were welcomed with a vibrant red palette. Floor to ceiling columns wrapped in layers of sheer fabric separated the entrance lobby from the dining area.

As focal points on the three walls of the dining room, floor to ceiling monolithic sculptural walls were built from many red panels on alternating planes, once lit, creating a visual illusion of geometric movement.

The tables and chairs, all in white, featured a low center piece of underlit White Peonies surrounding a 6 foot tall chrome standard holding a single bright LED star.

Many of the attendees said that the design of this event was one of the most beautiful!

(A few shots from the installation showing the red walls going up:)

AuthorGeoff Howell Studio Inc.