Geoff's drawing for the window display design celebrating the 80th anniversary of legendary stationery maker Mrs. John L Strong at their NYC atelier on Madison Avenue.
The consistent theme in Mrs. Strong's windows was that everything was made of paper. This window was no exception. The mannequin's dress is entirely made of tissue paper, with the cards and letters tucked into the skirt and ruffled explosion below.
behind her the giant gold leafed 80 was made of gator board and seamless paper.
Like the unfurling dress below, her exploding head dress,made of gilded paper ,
fills the entire ceiling of the display.

Ironically, this window is also the final window for the company before sending their regrets and closing.
Oddly enough, the store never actually "closed" and this window stayed in place for many, many months, well past its prime.
Apparently, there is now a new owner...good to know, as the product is gorgeous!

AuthorGeoff Howell Studio Inc.