The new hugo boss window on 14th street, installed by Geoff Howell Studio, is a giant "rusty" Tyvek cut-out that "celebrates the exceptional history and mythology of the meatpacking district" says artist Beatrice Coron.

She goes on to say "to depict a sampling of the myriad activities, I chose an improbable view, showing at once the buildings, the High Line, the Hudson promenade and the river. My intention was to catch the buzz and energy of the now trendy neighborhood, and recall some scenes of the past, such as Bastille day at Florent or carcasses at Gansewoort market.

In the accumulation of scenes, you can see: voyeurs, artists, decision makers, writers, readers, posers, lovers, shoppers, patrons, computer addicts, carnivores, party-goers, bikers, cyclists, New Yorkers and tourists. Among the scenes, there is a shepherd on the high line, a cow swims at the Gansevoort hotel, an Egyptian cow is at the Standard Hotel, an angel is partying, and a Hugo Boss patron has a leashed piglet. Is it a commercial, a movie or an art installation? You can make your own stories from these neighborhood scenes"

The following images show different viewpoints and close-ups of Coron's beautiful story-telling cut-outs.

AuthorGeoff Howell Studio Inc.