This year, Geoff Howell Studio was honored to be selected to design and install their holiday 2010 interior throughout all 4 floors of their flagship store on 57th st and 5th ave. Working in collaboration with their design team, the theme was built around a fairytale that was written just for this holiday season, hence the motif of books, birds, and animals that runs throughout the store interior and the windows as well. Below are some preliminary photos of the complete presentation, with more to follow on future posts, including the the original concept drawings, installation photos and shots from the opening night party!

The first floor consisted of five 15ft high christmas trees in custom made planter boxes, one 22 foot high spiral staircase filled with Tiffany gift boxes and books, six large wreaths and two custom made wrought-iron soaring silver and gold arches spanning the center walkway at the entrance and creating and creating a vista to the signature marble wall and its handsome stainless steel clock.

On the second floor, a forest of trees grows from planter boxes throughout the room. The largest one is the first tree you'll see as you step off the elevator, standing in a bed of snow and surrounded by a wrought-iron arch

Leaving the second floor, our next stop is the fourth floor. From the elevator, you're greeted by a wintry scene showcasing a silver and Tiffany blue antique sleigh filled with presents, pulled by a flock of bejeweled birds and coming to a halt in front of an arched doorway leading to the splendid world of Tiffany gifts. Throughout this floor, more Christmas trees abound spreading Holiday cheer. On the other side of the floor is another vignette featuring a dining table designed by Geoff, surround by chairs upholstered in frosty blue velvet and bedecked with hand painted dishes and other wonderful gifts, also framed by a large arched doorway. This vignette stands atop a flight of curving stairs that go down to the third floor. For this staircase, Geoff designed cascading crystal curtains, and the structure that holds them, mimicking a light sparkling snowfall onto the rows of Christmas trees below.

AuthorGeoff Howell Studio Inc.