Recently, celebrated artist Ross Bleckner collaborated with Steuben's Robert Nachman to create a trippy new sculpture based the molecular structure of LSD. Encased in a crystal cube is a 3-dimensional model of LSD surrounded by a spherical void cast inside the cube. In the background is a related original work of art by Mr. Bleckner.

Here's a vignette we arranged within the store with images showing the magic of glass-making at work. In front of the photgraph are Mr. Bleckner's monograph and a crypt-like crystal paperweight with the word 'forgotten' inscribed on the bottom.

In the foreground of this image are two of Steuben's new tree trunk vases with another of Bleckner's sculptures in the background.

A look at the front of the magnificently crafted crystal sculpture of a multitude of spheres cast within the thick, polished glass slabs.

A shot of the sales floor that Geoff restyled for the occasion.

A last look at the limited edition LSD cube.
AuthorGeoff Howell Studio Inc.