Rootstein, maker of the finest mannequins in the world, has a showroom on w. 19th st. Famous for its spectacular window displays, the showroom behind the windows is equally as mesmerizing. Every 6 months, the showroom is re-done with a new theme in mind. For this market week, they have re-created an imaginary evening in the late 70's at Halston's infamous apartment in the Olympic Tower (at the end of this post we've included photos of his actual apartment)

Elements from his apartment were creatively re-purposed to fit the showroom space, making a dramatic backdrop for their new mannequin collection.  We built all of the black lacquered oak platforms, the floating staircase and faux mezzanie and the glassed in life-size terrarium.

Below are more photos of the decked out 'celebrity' mannequins reposted from The Bespoken: For Gentlemen blog. Amazingly, all of the clothing is designed by the creative director at Rootstein using the finest fabrics and incredible design details worthy of Halston's own work.


Halston's place

AuthorGeoff Howell Studio Inc.