The Social House

Once again, this year we were asked by Hugo Boss to build and install their new clubroom and showrooms at their palatial headquarters in Chelsea.  The goal for this market was divide the clubroom space into intimate seating, dining, gaming, presentation and social network areas, and even a capacious shoeshine banquette! Thus, the overall vibe is a warm, chic, modern and inviting social club. From start to finish, it took a few months from planning to the construction of walls, floors, ceilings, risers, furniture, stands and finally to the installation.

As you enter the Clubroom  the first thing you see, besides all the beautiful people that inhabit Hugo Boss, is a dining/ conference area featuring a dropped sand blasted wood soffit, along with matching risers for the models. The paneled walls, throughout the clubroom, were custom made for this installation.

The TV room section also features a sand-blasted wood soffit and matching back wall.
Behind the TV room you can see the Clubroom entrance and bits of the reception area beyond.

Standing on  the sand blasted risers we made, real models were hired to wear grey spandex full body suits , then model Hugo latest line of clothing over it. Of course, those are real people, obviously not.

Across from the long dining table is the cafe section. Again you can see risers, and back walls we made from sand blasted wood.

Behind the cafe chefs serving up tantalizing little dishes for the fashionistas, are a series of 3 lightboxes that we built with a panoramic oasis.

I love orange and cucumber water.

Here in the media/gaming/social networking room/bungalow we installed  more sand-blasted wood paneling along with vertical room dividers that allow light to flitter in much like blinds.

Here you see some of the brick work we incorporated into the clubroom's structure.

Here you can see the shimmering decorative chains we used as 'tre-chic' room dividers

To complete the luxury hotel ammenity vibe, the clubroom features a shoe-shine station complete with shoe-shiner working to keep everyone's footwear chic and shiny.

lovely ladies lavishing in the luxurious lounge after lunch

The Showrooms

Adjacent to the clubroom are two showrooms featuring all of Hugo Boss' collections inlcuding Hugo Boss Black, Green, Orange as well as accessories and men's underwear.

Here we lined the giant bookcases with wood patterned wallpaper.

In the  accessories area, we built these gorgeous rift-cut oak display cases with built in lighting as well as the risers.

 The shirt and tie area features a large black lacquered wall fitted in recessed, lit niches for shirts and hang bars for ties.

 Here various women's boots, heels and handbags are resting upon hanging steel shelving units that we built and installed.

In this shot we can see the beautiful hand blown glass linked chandelier that we hung with care as well as the hanging shelves and hanging bar lined with Hugo's latest looks lurking in the background.

AuthorGeoff Howell Studio Inc.