A local resident was inspired by a project in Catskill where local artist have been decorating fiberglass cats that have been displayed on the main street in Catskill. To raise awareness and help fund the Athens historic lighthouse in the middle of the Hudson river, this project was created. Geoff Howell, along 29 other creative Athenians were asked to decorate a bird house that is a miniature replica of the lighthouse. Below is Geoff's fabulous result!  Inspired by the original purpose of the lighthouse, to emit light, Geoff's creation is covered with light-reflecting and refracting jewels, a fitting home for the most discerning of Athen's fine feathered friends.

Geoff's and 29 other lighthouse-bird houses will be auctioned off on September 11 to raise money for the preservation of the Athens Lighthouse and the Athens Cultural Center.  Up until the auction, Geoff's lighthouse will be on view at FACE Stockholm in Hudson, NY

Photograph of the actual Athens Lighthouse
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