This summer's Hugo Boss Clubroom recreation was based on the idea of a Hamptons art collector's home. To achieve the light and airy quality of a beach house, the normally black theatrical ceiling was cleaned up and painted white.

Custom single pane doors were made for the entrance

Custom art was produced to create the environment of a serious art collector

Here's an interpretation of an iconic Alexander Calder mobile.

in the above and below photos, you can see the custom steel light fixture we built and installed above a extra long pure-white corian topped dining table

Here you can see the large window and door-ed wall we built to create an 'inside' and an 'outside' area

A look at the sheer white curtains that we custom made to cover the windows

Here we installed an ultra-modern faux fireplace that uses LEDs

A look at the 'outside' of the beach house showing gray weathered wood in a boardwalk inspired pattern.

Sail shaped 'awnings' hover over the 'outdoor' seating areas surround by gray weather clapboard.
AuthorGeoff Howell Studio Inc.