In the season of heavy coats and scarves, the Rootstein showroom in New York took a decidedly more tropical outlook this December. Evoking the mood of a black and white photograph, the entire monochromatic showroom is produced shades of grey, black and white. Reminiscent of high fashion photography from the 80's (with a nod back to the 30's), the mannequins, wearing genius costumes custom designed by the artists at Rootstein, frolic in a glamorous poolside environment created by the team at Geoff Howell Studio including diving boards, MC Escher-like stairs going up and down, in and out, all surrounded with gleaming chrome railing and ladders. Even the water is a black and white photographic image.

Here in the front window,  things heat up with palm trees, hammocks and skimpy bathing suits! For our part, we created the perfect white box in which the three silver palm trees, which we also produced, sway in the imaginary warm breeze.

On a particularly sad note the NY director of Rootstein for many years, Michael Steward, recently passed away after an all too short battle with cancer. He will be greatly missed.

AuthorGeoff Howell Studio Inc.