The latest incarnation of the Hugo Boss club room was inspired new sculptural elements in architecture and design. Collaborating with their in-house visual director, we created our interpretation of a cubist, pixellated environment. The photos above are of the entrance sculpture, 8feet high and made of light and dark cubes jutting out into space at various lengths. It gives a strong first impression to visitors and a  suggestion of what lies ahead...

Walking into you the lobby, you'll notice the black video screen surrounds which we produced to match the main reception desk.

Moving beyond the reception desk and into the clubroom which has been dramatically fitted with over 1,000 boxes hanging from the ceiling, many of them lit. We also built the mannequin platforms and risers, covered the walls with frosted acrylic mirror panels and produced the 40ft long frosted mirrored acrylic table running down the center of the  space, punctuated with bright light cubes. We also installed custom lighting for the mannequins.

At the opposite end of the clubroom is a large wall of video tiles, put together to create one large image. The video is art directed by Hugo Boss' visual director and relates to the cubist theme. 

Here you can see our custom kitchen lightboxes, fitted for this market with large industrial-sized louvers.

Branching off the clubroom are two showrooms with various areas dedicated to all the different brands. Large displays from a previous installation (See: I Go Where Hugo) were repurposed in their specific areas.

This shot shows many of the stainless steel racks that we produced, installed the HUGO signage panel and display units in the foreground.

For the new "Haberdashery" area we installed a custom black oak floor, selected new furniture and built  a cement wall with a fireplace and video monitor. We also built the shirt and tie fixtures and round table in the foreground.

The men's accessories are displayed on lacquered shelves surrounded by blond oak framed fixtures that we built.

AuthorGeoff Howell Studio Inc.