To celebrate the season of light, NY's fabled 5th avenue, Armani, took the zeitgeist of multi-colored Christmas lights and expanded the notion into a larger format for their 5th Avenue location. From closeup at sidewalk level, a wall of light was created with the neat stacking of inner-lit cubes of various colors. As you enter the store and look up into the atrium, the wall of cubes starts to rise and twist into a more lantern-like configuration. More than 270 custom made cubes were created for this installation. It should be noted that this project was a collaboration between Armani's design team, the metal manufacturer of the frames, the company that hung all the lanterns inside the 3-storey atrium and Geoff Howell Studio who electrified and colorized all of the lanterns and installed the sidewalk level portions.

AuthorGeoff Howell Studio Inc.