To help with Sunglass Hut's luxurious holiday presentation of gift-worthy sunglasse, we produced hundreds of hand-wrapped gold and red gift boxes, even one that magically opened and closed to reveal a particularly special pair of sunglasses. In addition we made giant hanging letters, lightboxes with graphics and other luxurious surfaces that all come together, or shall we say are 'all wrapped up' and ready for a bright holiday experience. All the photos featured in this post are from the 5th Ave. Sunglass Hut flagship. Similar installations were produced and shipped to 10 other Sunglass Huts across the nation.

  Above and below are photos of the magic box, which was engineered with a motor to continuously open and close the top lid to reveal the surprise within. In addition, the box itself featured an underlit milk plexi platform to highlight the merchandise being featured

AuthorGeoff Howell Studio Inc.