Here's a look at a recent collection of installation shots of stylish and fancy windows we installed for Sunglass Hut showcasing three luxury brands; Prada, Coach and Bulgari.  Although each window consists of similar elements, they are all unique to each brand.

Here you can see the Prada imagery, lit up by a custom lightbox we constructed, also featuring backlit dimensional lettering for that extra flair.  The giant image in the side window (seen below) requires special expertise as access to the window is a tight fit.


For this presentation, Coach required a high-gloss lacquered surface with no seams, with the Coach logo  cut-out and backlit. As you can see in this installation shot, shoe removal helps to keep things looking glossy!

More lightbox imagery for Bulagri as well.

 Here you see a giant curved graphic we produced.

Our favorite element in this collection is the Bulgari snake, all custom created from scratch at our studio! It's based on their current iconography and echoes the design used as part of their christmas decor at the 57th st flagship. It's essentially a lightbox made from lucite, gold foil and hand assembled with multi-faceted sides.