Back in the early 90's Geoff was commissioned to create installation art in 20 empty storefront that were basically advertisement for other shops within the WFC mall. The common thread in each window was Geoff's signature illustrative and whimsical painting style.

For Barney's Geoff's took the store logo and illustrated the name using depictions of men's fashion and haberdashery.

The WFC flagship restaurant, the Hudson Grille, specialized in the bounty of the Hudson River Valley and so Geoff created a more rustic and 'farm-like' window overflowing with the harvest.

For this luxury stationer, Geoff created an 'over-the-top' desk laden with pens, pencils and handmade paper and envelopes. The paper scrolls in the foreground help to further underscore their specialty.

Geoff chose the highlights a shop's winter fashion by creating a birch forest vignette, surrounded by a twig and leaf themed frame.

To make a connection between a music store and the World Financial Center, Geoff came up with the clever idea of using a piggy bank being filled up with Compact-disc (in the days before digital music) coins. A sound investment, Oink!!

To add a flair of Roman grandeur for a shop featuring Italian leather goods, Geoff set the merch atop hand painted Roman columns, revealed by tied back draperies.