To celebrate the holidays at the Wilderstein Historic Site, Geoff was again invited to decorate the fabled music room within the grand estate. inspired by the room's circular motifs, This year's display is more of study in circular motion with lighted 'christmas trees' spiraling, circling up to the heavens, creating a wonderful warm glow. The white and gold music room is filled with all original hand carved woodwork, a beautiful plaster ceiling with a handpainted mural, all installed in 1889. It also features a suite of furniture designed for the room by famous new york Cabinet makers Pottier and Stymus.

The Poughkeepsie Journal published a story on Christmas Day about holiday decorations in various historic mansions along the Hudson river. A photograph of Geoff's installation was featured and as a result, the next day during the three hours Wilderstein was open for tours, over 160 visitors came to bask in the warm glow, setting a new one-day record of visitors to Wilderstein during the Christmas season. Glad tidings indeed!

photo credit: The Poughkeepsie Journal

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