Tekserve wanted to make a big splash with a brand new small wonder! They were given the exclusive rights to launch the new MAC pro.  To 'make small big', the focus on the window was the giant orange sign, visible from across the street, using frosted plexi and vinyl lettering. The MAC pro is the star of the show lit with theatrical spotlights. A bright and shiny orange floor helps finish off the item and keeps with apple's 'reflective floors' motif.

For Tekserve's other smaller storefront window, we created a young film editor's studio using their state-of-the-art computers and fancy monitors and all the personal ephemera that would orbit the equipment; like used takeout containers, m&ms, old movie posters, and of special note, an actual Emmy, awarded to the new CEO of Tekserve for his previous work in television.  As a side note, the reason for the emphasis on the Village Voice cover is that 'The Social Network" movie was made using a similar Adobe set-up as that displayed in the window.