In January, renowned fine jewelry designer Temple St. Clair hit a new milestone when given the honor of exhibiting her couture jewelry at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs within the Louvre in Paris. Her presentation was a part of the "Haute Joallerie" (High Jewelry) exhibition held bi-annually during the Paris couture fashion week. Geoff Howell Studio designed the exhibition, including the golden yellow showcases, specifically for the nine extraordinary pieces in her new collection. Additional showcases highlighted the process of making the jewelry, including her concept sketches, photos of inspiration and the jewelry in various stages of production. The modern showcases and large graphic oval carpet created a nice contrast to the beautiful historic boiserie on permanent display within the room. The interior of each showcase was lined in ultra-suede that matched each piece of jewelry on display. Custom made magnifying glass stands were in each case for viewing details up close. The presentation was anchored with a custom navy blue table replicating the shape of the carpet. The showcases themselves were lit with battery-powered LEDS so messy electrical cords were not needed. Below are images of the gorgeous presentation as well as a few snapshots from the opening in which you can see Temple herself as well as Geoff Howell and John Wood, assistant creative director. To see the extraordinary pieces of jewelry from this show, head on over to

AuthorGeoff Howell Studio Inc.