The theme of this year's benefit for the Thomas Cole Historic Site was based on Cole's famous painting "The Oxbow" which features a dramatic view of the oxbow in the Connecticut River valley, painted in 1836. Once again Geoff was asked to create a photo-op for the incoming guests and so he designed a literal Oxbow with Oxen cutouts!  As you can see from the production photos below, the oxen and oxbow was fashioned in connecting pieces and spacers that created a semi 3-dimensional image of the oxen. Look carefully and you will also spot the profile of New York State and the Hudson River Valley hidden as one of the oxen's brown spots! Part of the inspiration for this somewhat non-sequitor installation is the current art exhibition called River Crossings; contemporary art comes home, held at both the Olana and Thomas Cole sites, now open through November 1st. Artist's featured include Kiki Smith, Chuck Close, Will Cotton, Gregory Crewdson, Maya Lin, Cindy Sherman and Charles Ledray, among many others.