French palaces! Anti-gravity! Enchanted forests! A magical kingdom made for a bridal presentation on the 9th floor of 57th st! Famed Bridal designer, Galia Lahav, worked with Geoff Howell Studio to design and produce a series of 4 sets for her presentation during New York's annual bridal fashion week. The entrance mood starts with the evening collection shown against a midnight black wall with stenciled signage declaring 'Treasure the moment' As guests move though the environment, they next encounter a bright white room with a palatial feeling, created by using tall paneled flats embellished with "crown" molding and a stately grandfather's clock with the time set close to midnight, as per all fairytales.  Next, things get topsy-turvy with a set, set on its side, allowing models and guests to take photographs that create the illusion of anti-gravity. The square format of the room was designed specifically for Instagram-perfect proportions; incidentally, Galia Lahav has over 1 million Instagram followers. And finally, guests end their journey in a wooded glade inhabited by a white stallion.  The illusion was created using a giant photo-mural backdrop that contained the image of a dried grass meadow that was extended into reality with actual dried grasses and mulch. Front and center of the meadow sits a tufted Victorian Settee that was painted to look like tufts of moss.  Each set provided an exciting and romantic background for the models in Lahav's gorgeous gowns at this press packed event.

AuthorGeoff Howell Studio